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We highly value our clients, and we work hard to achieve what is best for them. Below are some of our clients’ kind words about our services. If you have a query or would like to know more, please get in touch

Sam HABAB has worked on our Computer and technical issues for some time and was recommended to us by an office next door.

He is a delight to have around. He helps both with technical matters and training the less technically inclined how to achieve their requirements using any kind of computer. When training he steps back and lets you follow his verbal instructions so that you learn and understand to do the best to achieve your goal.

He loves his subject. We won’t say anymore because we don’t want him to became so busy that he could not come and help us immediately!

Hazel S and David D
Owners of Capital Projects Ltd.
London, Kings Road

It’s now over two years since I first made contact with Sam of Compulink. Since then I found him to be prompt, reliable and helpful. Also, he has proved to be efficient in getting technical issue resolved quickly.

I would recommend Sam and his company to anyone who needs computer support.

Brian Loudon
London, Queens Park

Over the last two years Sam Habab has made me feel at ease with my computer. Not only is he highly knowledgeable, he is also very patient, and will go to any length of time to resolve a problem – so far, he has not failed.

Also when consulting his Company, Compulink, the advice and service that has been given, has been second to none.

I cannot recommend him, or Compulink more highly.

Robert Lederman
London, St John’s Wood

Sam has volunteered on behalf of Compulink at St John’s Wood Library since 13th February 2014. He has regularly delivered laptop surgeries to the general public and has supported a large number of people who struggle with new technologies. He is well-liked and trusted by the community. Here at the library we rely on his professional expertise to deliver a vital service to our customers.

He has always been reliable, punctual and diligent in keeping his appointments and we have received positive feedback from customers. I would recommend Sam as both a volunteer and as an IT professional.

Amy Houtenbos
Site Manager
St John’s Wood Library

I am pleased to confirm that I have been helped by Sam to improve my computer literacy and my understanding of other such IT related matters.

Sam was introduced to me some four months ago by other members of my family seeking guidance in the same facility, and I know we have all benefited and will continue to benefit from his professional services.

He has proved particularly helpful in being able to adapt his specialist knowledge to the capacity and limitations of his clients, in a language his clients can understand, and with particular patience in explaining complicated issues.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Sam to anyone seeking similar guidance.

Nicolas Smith
Sidney Smith Chelsea Ltd.

It is my great pleasure to write this thank you note to Sam Habab of Compulink for the design and development of our company website Lara Travel. From the outset we have found Sam’s approach to our work to be of a high standard. During the process he has proved to be highly professional.

We are delighted with the finished product. The website is eye-catching, visually unique and is exactly what we wanted. It’s been just over two years since Sam completed the website, and since then the feedback we have been getting from our clients has been excellent.

I have no hesitation in recommending Sam and Compulink for web design work.

Ghassan A
Partner at Lara Travel Ltd.
London, Finchley Road

Quand j’ai décidé de lancer mon site Asilbook pour les livres rares, je pensais que le peu du savoir technologique que j’ai suffisait pour la tâche, et puis hop ! les petits détails qui font les grands complications commencent ; j’étais perdu et planté au milieu d’un monde de codes et de chiffres. C’est là que Monsieur Samer Habab est intervenu avec beaucoup de professionnalisme et de compétences.

Je suis ravis d’avoir Samer en tant qu’ami, mais aussi en tant que consultant informatique fiable et solide.

Issam C
Fondateur & gérant